Cost-effective and scalable e-learning solution

Online Career Management Portal

The Career Management Portal is a state-of-the art online platform designed to support employees through family and life transitions.

Managers have access to their own portal, which focuses on concise, just-in-time support for those who need a refresher on how to best support a team member through their journey to parenthood and their return to work.

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Benefits of the portal 

The online career management portal supports employees through life and family transitions. It offers interactive e-learning content and complements our coaching, offering a fully blended learning programme.  It can also be used as a stand-alone learning solution. 

There are many benefits to using our Career Management Portal, some of these are;

Portal Benefits 2

Cost-effective and scalable solution that boosts health and wellbeing 

Recognises employee contribution and commitment

Provides a chance to inspire and motivate teams

Personal development opportunities enable employees to be at their best

Fosters a growth mindset which contributes to a healthy and progressive culture

Encourages self-directed learning, which enables individuals to learn at their own time and pace

Caters to all 4 learning styles:  auditory, visual, read/write and kinesthetic

Complements other learning – coaching or attending workshops and webinars for examples

Who we support

Portal parent icon MODULES FOR PARENTS
Provide access to a wealth of resources to support parents through pre-parental leave, during parental leave and post parental leave. 

Portal manager icon

Help managers to support their team member’s well-being through expectancy, parental leave and managing the return to work. 

Provide access to a wealth of resources through our menopause at work module. Having good information can help women experiencing symptoms feel valued, motivated and supported.

Provide access to a wealth of resources to colleagues
working through fertility struggles. It is very possible that it is affecting a member of your team, without you even knowing.

Untitled design (13)-1-1 MODULE FOR CARERS
Provide access to a wealth of resources to
carers.  An alarming 28% of full-time employees also undertake at least 30 hours of caregiving per week - the equivalent of a full-time job. 

Untitled design (14)-1-1 MODULE FOR MIDLIFE HEALTH
Provide access to resources on midlife health and ageism. Employees going through midlife challenges in supportive organisations report better mental health and wellbeing.

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